Watch: Freddie Gibbs Gets Jumped At A Buffalo Restaurant Before His Concert

Freddie Gibbs

Photo: Getty Images

Freddie Gibbs was just hours away from hitting the stage at his scheduled show in Buffalo, New York when he was jumped while eating at a local restaurant.

The nasty brawl went down on Saturday, May 14, but TMZ published the footage from the fight on Monday night, May 16. The video begins after the melee began at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Q in Buffalo. We can see multiple people engaged in combat but eventually Gibbs is spotted wearing a green shirt and shorts. While punches and kicks fly from all directions, we can also see people throwing what seems to be plates and other objects at the rapper.

At one point, you can see Gibbs fall to the ground as his attackers pile on top of him. The fight began to disperse after a woman at the restaurant shouted at everyone in effort to get them to leave. Hours after the brawl ended, Gibbs hit the stage for his scheduled performance at the Town Ballroom. He attempt to shield his injuries from the audience by wearing a ski mask that showed just his eyes, nose and mouth. Nonetheless, people were still able to see a big black eye he got from the fight.

There's no confirmation on how the fight started. So far, the attackers' identities have not been revealed. However, a rumor has been floating around on social media that they were affiliates of Griselda rapper Benny The Butcher, who reportedly has issues with Gibbs.

There was also a suspicion that Gibbs' chain and rabbit pendant was stolen during the brawl. It didn't take long for the rapper himself to dispel that rumor. His girlfriend posted a video of Gibbs with the pendant in question after his show in New York.

As of this report, Benny The Butcher has not commented on the situation. He has been focused on the tragic mass shooting that afflicted his hometown, which happened on the same day as Gibbs' show.

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