Mike Bayer On Being Your Best Self, Battling Anti-Self, New Book + More!

Life Coach Mike Bayer stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his new book " Best Self: Be You, Only Better"

Heres everything he spoke about on the show:

  • How he got addicted to drugs at a young age
  • What the turning point in his life was when he knew he had to make change
  • Who he called to help him get through the low-point in his life.
  • He is now 17 years sober
  • How to tell when it's time for an Intervention & what if the person is not receptive
  • Envy’s biggest fear is one of his kids being hooked on drugs
  • What are some of the signs that parents can look for
  • How your diet affects being your best self
  • Authentic self vs anti self
  • how can anti self help you
  • aware of what you want to fix about yourself

Check out Mike Bayer's full Interview with The Breakfast Club below...

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