Lil Pump Bitten By Snake During Music Video Shoot

Now here's a headline you don't see everyday.

On Thursday (November 7), Lil Pump shared a video of himself handling a snake while shooting the music video for his latest collab “Coronado Now" with El Alfa. However, the clip took a turn when suddenly the snake whipped around and bit Pump's hand.

"I JUST GOT BIT BY A SNAKE 🐍 WTF 😂😂😂😂," Pump captioned the post. "I CANT F**K W NO SNAKES I HOPE I DONT DIE."

In the video, the 19-year-old rapper showed the camera his bloody hand while repeatedly saying, "I got bit by a snake." The clip ended with the snake lunging at another onlooker.

Lil Pump dropped his Harverd Dropout album back in February. As fans know, following the album's release, the "Racks on Racks" rapper's label trolled fans by releasing a statement, claiming Pump had been tapped to be Harvard's 2019 commencement speaker. "You don't gotta graduate from Harvard to do this speech," the rapper said in a press release. "I dropped out, so they called me like they called the guy that made Windows and PCs and sh*t before I was born. You just need a cap and gown, which I got. When I found out, I was happy to give everyone a lesson. I'm all about the youth. Yes, they are the future. This is a preview of my speech, one word: ESSKEETIT!!!!!!"

Harvard later released a statement, setting the record straight. "As previously announced, Angela Merkel will be Harvard’s Commencement 2019 speaker," the university clarified.

Photo: Getty Images