Floyd Mayweather Jr. Reignites Beef With 50 Cent, Attacks His Career

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had some time on his hands Saturday afternoon (August 10).

To kick off the weekend, the legendary boxer decided to reignite his feud with his former best friend 50 Cent. Seemingly out of the blue, Floyd decided to troll the heck out of 50, issuing one of his strongest blows yet —some would say it was a KO — by bringing up every fight 50's picked and lost. However, 50, for the first time in a long time, wasn't having any of the drama.

"It was only 4 shots that ended Curtis 🐀 Jackson rap career," Floyd captioned an Instagram series that included screenshots of each of 50's lost battles. "1. You tried desperately to revive your career by going head to head with Kanye West and got dragged publicly, taking a unanimous decision loss."

"2.Jay Z been killing the champagne game with Ace of Spade selling worldwide at premium prices for well over a decade, while Curtis got a bottle with a cheap chess piece on it that taste like shampoo," Floyd continued.

Next up, the retired professional boxer brought up 50's headphone brand. "3. Beats by Dre headphones was a home run smash, we all know that, but what the f**k was Curtis’s SMS Audio headphones? That was some straight bullsh*t the FEDs had something to do with," Floyd wrote. "Those are snitch headphones, you can be in your car and hear the people's conversation in the vehicle next to you."

To conclude his post, Floyd's final shot was at 50's vodka company. "4.Diddy got Ciroc and its still selling worldwide and you can’t find Efen in no stores and it's well known the sh*t taste like rubbing alcohol," he wrote.

50, who is usually ready for a fight, didn't take the bait, and instead issued a pretty nice response on Instagram. "Tell Floyd I said he won he is the greatest of all time. and nobody I mean nobody can ever take that away from him what he’s done with his life is amazing. I’m done with all of the back and forth," he admitted before throwing a little shade to conclude his truce. "Now Can Someone Please Read This To Champ.#POSTIVEVIBES."

Hours later though, Floyd ignored 50's truce and continued to go after the business mogul's career, posting a diagram of 50's "record sales decline," which he captioned: "50cent 🐀 went from selling 15million to 200,000 😂 you talking about career been over."

However, instead of responding, 50 set his sights on Michael Blackson, who 50 claims owes him some money, hilariously captioning an announcement about the comedian's upcoming tour: "@hahadavis should I buy all the front row seats at these shows or let Micheal black ass off the hook? #TheKing #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac."

Photo: Getty Images