Cardi B Responds To Accusations That She Used To Rape Men

2017 BET Awards - Red Carpet

A few months ago, a video came out showing Cardi B explicitly discussing what she had to do to survive before becoming a celebrity. When the New York native worked as a stripper she admitted to drugging and robbing men. She responded at the time saying she was "not proud" of her actions. "I have a past that I can't change—we all do," she said.

Now, the controversy has resurfaced with people accusing the rapper of rape. She took to Instagram Live to clear up the allegations.

"I don't like when people be trying to call me a rapist," she said. "I don't like that s**t. Because people tried to dig up something and make it something that I didn't do."

Though she didn't deny robbing clients during her stripping days, she assures she never sexually assaulted anyone. "I never touched nobody, I never f**ked nobody," she declared. "And rape is when you f**k somebody without their consent or without asking."

She then went back on an earlier statement, explaining that she never drugged anyone. "B**ches don't have to put s**t in n***as' drinks, these n***as be going to [the] club getting drunk and getting high," she said. "I never put s**t in n***as' drinks. Yeah, I went through n***as' pockets. A lot of you b**ches be going through n***as' pockets for $40 to catch a cab 'cause a n***a don't want to give you that. Same s**t. Was I wrong for that? That was wrong, but I never f**kin' hurt nobody."

She concluded her speech by explaining that because of her popularity as a dancer, word would've gotten out if she hurt anyone. "If I was to ever harm or put a n***a in a situation, f**k jail, n***as would have cut my face [and] beat my a**," she said.

Watch the video below.

Photo: Getty Images