'GOT' Fans Are Really REALLY Upset Over Season 8, Episode 5


To say Game of Thrones fans (not all, but A LOT) were disappointed in last night's (May 12) episode of GOT would be an understatement.

The penultimate episode, titled "The Bells," drew a lot of criticism for everything from its "lazy writing" (GOT fans words, not mine), to its slaughtering of series-long character development (cough cough, Daenerys), to what fans called the episode's "nonsensical" plot twits. I mean, Dany's now the "Mad Queen" after burning the entire Kings Landing to the ground, including majority of its "innocent" inhabitants even after they surrendered. And after years of tormenting literally everyone who wasn't a Lannister, Cersei Lannister died by rubble in the arms of the man she loves, Jamie Lannister. #WhereIsTheJustice

With all that, and more, occurring on Sunday night's episode, Twitter lit up with thousands of memes, gifs, and comments mocking and questioning the writer's decision to go the direction they did.

Check out a few the most popular reaction tweets to season 8, episode 5 below:

Photo: HBO