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A video of Rihanna getting some traditional New Zealand ink is making the Internet rounds. 

A local musician and tattoo artist named Tiki Taane uploaded the video to YouTube.  It shows Rihanna getting tattooed in the style of the country's aboriginal people - with a chisel and mallet. 

The artist in the video is seen dipping a chisel in ink, putting it to the star's skin and hammering it into her right hand.  The tattoo itself appears to cover the front of her right hand and wrist, and is rumored to be traditional arrow markings used by the native people and a remembrance of her visit. 

The 25-year-old, who already has over a dozen pieces of ink, appears to be in serious pain and turning her face away from the needle for most of the two-minute video. 

Rihanna had stopped in New Zealand as a part of her "Diamonds" tour, and will next touch down to perform in South Africa.