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Chief Keef says his last two mixtapes were mistakes. 

In an interview with "Billboard," the embattled rapper explained that while creating the projects he was "all drugged out" on the promethazine and Sprite combination popularly known as "lean." 

Now, that Chief Keef is serving 90 days in court ordered rehab, he says he doesn't sip the drink anymore. 

During the interview, Chief Keef also compared the stint in rehab to being in jail.  Furthermore, he says he hasn't allowed any of his family to visit him in rehab, including his two-year-old daughter.  

As for how he's progressing in rehab, the facility's owner says "his recovery is moving in a very positive direction."  He also calls the rapper a "very kind young man." 

Chief Keef is slated to return to court on February 28th, when a Chicago judge will rule whether his stay in rehab has been successful. 

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