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Rapper 50 Cent says racial discrimination is to blame for him losing a recent lawsuit.  According to court documents obtained by, the emcee is appealing a binding arbitration ruling in his lawsuit with Sleek Audio. 

Fifty sued the company, claiming they owed him over $261,000.  A court-appointed arbitrator ruled against 50, but now he's taking the case to federal court and blaming the judge for racial discrimination.  

He also accuses the judge of discriminating against him because he associates with African-Americans and is a prominent hip-hop artist.  In addition, Fifty says the judge refused to let him cross-examine witnesses and didn't take a look at evidence pertaining to the suit.  He's asking a federal judge to overturn the arbitrator's ruling.  He wants a new hearing. 

Meantime, Sleek Audio has responded to 50 Cent's claims.  They say 50 is simply trying to find a way around the arbitration ruling.  

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