R. Kelly truly is one of a kind. So why someone else would attempt to pass as the one and only Kells is beyond us. 

Louisiana fans of the Chicago crooner are upset with concert promoter Cedric Johnson after he billed R. Kelly as the main performer at his "Ced’s All Black Affair" in Monroe, LA, last Friday night -- but R. Kelly never showed up. Instead a lip-synching impersonator took the stage. 

At this time it's unclear whether Kelly was actually booked for the show and sent the impersonator in his place or if Johnson accidentally booked the impersonator thinking he was the real thing. 

According to the party's Facebook page, a statement will be released later today:

Johnson also sent a text message to KNOE 8 News saying he was "duped" and that tickets will be refunded. 

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Source: Consequence of Sound